Registration is now full for Brisbane Ice Cream Festival.

Those who have tickets but can no longer attend are encouraged to offer their tickets to those who missed out via our Facebook event - click here. 

We’re excited to announce that Brisbane Ice Cream Festival is officially BACK as a two-day festival this March 20–21! 

Not only are there seven two-hour sessions across the Saturday and Sunday (leaving you spoilt for choice in more ways than one), but entry is completely FREE!* More money to spend on ice cream? 

Yes, please.

*While entry to the festival is free, registering for a free ticket is essential due to the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 crowd measures. Those without a registration will not be permitted entry.



Q: Will dogs be allowed at the festival?

A: Unfortunately, due to the layout and the number of guests attending the event, dogs will not be permitted. This decision has been made with the safety of the animals and everyone involved in mind.

Q: Will there be dairy-free/gluten-free/vegan options?

A: Yes! This year's event will feature a number of vendors who cater to specific dietary requirements. 

Q: Do children need tickets to attend?

A: Children aged 2 and under won't need a ticket.

Q: Is there a maximum number of tickets I can register?

A: Yes. Please note that only 4 tickets can be reserved at a time. If you are attending with a larger group, we recommend having a friend or partner book the other tickets.

Q: My friend is no longer able to attend - can I give her ticket to someone else?

A: Absolutely! Each ticket has its own unique barcode, so as long as there isn't any doubling up, there won't be any issues.

Q: I didn’t register in time! Will I still be able to enter the festival if I just show up on the day?

A: Unfortunately, due to Queensland Government’s COVID-19 crowd measures, it is absolutely essential that you register for free prior to the event. If you missed out on registration, we are not allowed to let you enter the festival.

Q: I have registered but now I am unable to attend. What should I do? 

A: You can make a post on our FB event page here and from there pass the ticket/s to someone who is keen to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions